Soliparty: Frisch Wie G̶e̶s̶t̶e̶r̶n̶ Tu Mal Wat

The Antisemantic event series [Frisch Wie Gestern] joins the [Tu Mal Wat!] action days! Together with independant activists we present you a night filled with film, pizza, techno, downtempo, and punk!

In recent years, the housing crisis has increasingly become a point of contention.
The Tu mal wat! (which means Do something!) action days are sending out the call to resist the city’s sell-out, and stand up for housing projects, youth centers, clubs, spätis, local pubs, and friends!

Legitimate resistance against the ongoing housing crisis is still being answered through repressive methods by the government. This results in costs that no one should be expected to account for by themselves. That is why we invite you to join us on this night and stand, dance, and celebrate the fight for urban open spaces!


Adolfina Fuck
Carlotta Jacobi
DJ Crémant
Ina Kacz
Lady Maru
Lavender & The Good Times
Mutti Cool
Nina Berg
more TBA