Time: 22.2.-24.2.2019

Place: Schule für Erwachsenenbildung (SFE), Gneisenaustr. 2

The occupations of 2018 have managed to show a broader public the necessity of a radical leftist praxis as an answer to gentrification. But we still need a movement that is squatting on a mass scale and challenging property in general. And since the so-called leftist senate is supporting and reproducing the conditions we are living in, such a movement can only emerge from below. The workshop days are supposed to analyse the past occupations critically and to further develop this practice together. Also, we want to share the experiences and practical skills we made so far and offer the possibility to get to know each other. These workshop days are supposed to make more people organize and occupy.

Barrierearm access: the SFE is accessible by elevator. The elevator can only be used with a key though. The best is to get in contact with us via mail beforehand or watch out for signs on the entrance of the elevator during the time of the workshops (in the gangway to the backyard/ Hinterhof).


Concept of Workshops Part I, II & III: In each of the 3 phases you will be able to participate in every workshop, if you want. All workshops within one phase will be held simultaneously for 30 minutes each. Afterwards you can go on to the next one. You can attend them in an order of your choice and are free to take a break whenever you want.

Friday 22.02

18:00 – input & discussion: The neoliberal urban development, gentrification and squatting as a form of resistance.

Saturday 23.02

10:00 – welcome: We will shortly explain, what is planned for the day

10:00 – film & discussion: Historischer Rückblick auf die Praxis des besetzens und die Besetzer*innenbewegung

11:45 – break

12:00 – critical reflexion: #besetzen

After a short review of the squattings by #besetzen here in Berlin through 2018, we want to reflect the practices so far together with you. Please feel free to voice any criticism you can offer, so we can collectively improve the practice of squatting.

14:00 Uhr – break & lunch

15:00 Uhr – Workshops Part I

A.) This workshop is intended to show how to find a suitable house to squat and how you can find information regarding the property owner and the house’s history

B.) Before squatting a building you should have a had a few looks at it, in- and outside. What it’s important to pay attention to, if you do so, you can learn in this workshop.

C.) Planning to squat involves quite a lot of sensitive information. This workshop will be a short introduction to information security regarding technology and data in general.

D.) Many squat will not be made public intentionally because usually cops arrive quite soon after. This workshop will be about so called silent squats.

E.) Squating does not only need people inside a building but also in front of it. How to organize support outside will be thematized in this workshop

F.) There a various reason why it can be reasonable for a squat to work actively with the media. This workshop is supposed to give you a short introduction into the matter.

18:30 Uhr – open space

Everyone who hasn’t gone home or to party already is welcomed to stay a little longer. We want to open the space at this point, for people to talk in a more relaxed atmosphere and get to know each other.

Sunday 24.02

11:30 – welcome: We will shortly explain what is planned for the day

11:45 – workshops part II

A.) Often cops will try to enter a newly squatted building immediately. How you can delay them without resorting to physical violence will be discussed in this workshop.

B.) To squat a building you have to get in somehow. A few ways to do so will be explained in this workshop.

C.)  In order to squat successfully it can be useful to have so called scouts. These are people positioned in a way so that they can give a warning in advance (for example if cops are on their way). In this workshop you can learn how that can be organized and what is important while doing so.

D.) Sooner or later cops appear at most squats. For this reason it makes sense for some people to be prepared to be their contact. In this workshop we will discuss the tasks involved in being the contact person for cops.

E.) If planning to squat together, it is important to trust each other. How to actively build trust as a collective and how you can reduce the risk of someone from your group secretly working for the cops will be the topic of this workshop.

F.) Squatings will usually be prosecuted by the state. This workshop will give a small introduction to the legal situation concerning squatting in germany.

G.) In this workshop some experiences will be shared about what will happen or will have to happen during the day of the squatting.

14:30 Uhr – break and lunch

15:30 Uhr – proceeding with workshops part II

After lunch we continue with the workshops. You can still choose freely which ones you want to attend. They will be the same as before lunch.

17:15 Uhr – open space

Again we wish to offer some time at the end to stay a little longer, which you can use as you see fit. Get to know each other more if you want or continue discussion from before.