Wagon days in Berlin! DieselA again squats a vacant property

This declaration is not from us but from the queerfeminist Wagongroup DieselA. We are reposting it here out of solidarity with this group, who today occupied a vacant property for the seconed times this year. The text was originally published on Indymedia.

This evening, in the course of Berlin‘s Wagentage, we as DieselA group and other allies have once again occupied another property located at: Zur Alten Börse 1, 12681 Berlin. Why? Because we take back the city! This is our message to the city development, the party politics and the real estate investors: We are pissed of and we act ourselves now!

 The DieselA group has already squatted a space in May this year at the Rummelsburger Bucht area, where we wanted to bring the matter of the scandalous construction plans “Bebauungsplan Ostkreuz” to the wider public attention. This property has been sold from the city to “Investa” real estate Company, its still occupied but in danger of eviction.

The new occupation takes place in the context of “Wagentage”. This year we want to bring attention to the increasing threat of eviction, in which the wagon places find themselves. Large-scale construction projects such as the A100 or the Ostkreuz development plan ignore the interests of the neighborhood residents and displace them from their living space. The construction of the A100 means that residential buildings, lots of wagon places, as well as some cultural projects, are under threat of eviction. However, the city needs these places of diverse, bottom-up self-managed neighbourhood culture, which offers space for non-commercial activities, cultural events and social networking. Meanwhile this action is a kick-off event for the upcoming “Tu mal Wat Tage” – every day is a good day to do something!

DieselA group and the Wagentage event set an example of resistance against development, utilization and sealing of land and soil in capitalist manner. Alternative ways of living, such as wagon/trailer spaces protect small biotopes, use renewable energies, there is an awareness of the sustainable use of resources, much is recycled and repaired instead of trashed and bought new. The Wagentage are thus positioning themselves as climate-friendly alternatives to current urban development, which is based on total densification and thus runs counter to all recommendations for urban planning in times of climate change. Solidary greetings to all those involved in today’s climate strike!

We must unite our struggles in the city and recognize the interrelations of the different movements and topics! The problem is called capitalism! The Wagentage this weekend are part of this anticapitalistic struggle!

Come visit the new occupation on Saturday evening, enjoy the concert and dinner together with us.

On Saturday daytime we encourage you also to take part in actions of „What the Fuck“ alliance. On this day fundamentalist Christians demand with their “March for Life”, among others, a ban on abortion. There will be a demonstration under the motto “Sabotage antifemism – legalize abortion” and various disruptive actions against the fundamentalists. Let’s fight together for a queerfeminist, antifascist future!

No eviction of threatened projects, such as anarcha, queer-feminist house-project Liebig34, Kadterschmiede, Youth Centre Potse, the bar collective Meuterei and Syndikat.

We demand the possibility of long-term, free usage of unused, empty, urban areas for wagon/trailer spaces and a living space for the Wagen group DieselA.

Occupy all over, for more queer-feminist alternative spaces, Wagenplaces and anti-capitalist, self-governed, diverse Berlin!