Wagon days and Climate Strike – one struggle, one fight!

This declaration of solidarity was published originally on Indymedia. We decided to repost it on our blog, because we see a dire need for more spaces of collective alternative living, climate justice and the end of capitalism.

„Our house is burning!“ – this is how climate activists describe the situation of our planet today. We think so, too! On 20.09, the day of the climate strike, all – ALL – are asked to strike for our climate. We follow this call and solidarize ourselves as Wagon days Berlin with the climate movement.

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Wagon days in Berlin! DieselA again squats a vacant property

This declaration is not from us but from the queerfeminist Wagongroup DieselA. We are reposting it here out of solidarity with this group, who today occupied a vacant property for the seconed times this year. The text was originally published on Indymedia.

This evening, in the course of Berlin‘s Wagentage, we as DieselA group and other allies have once again occupied another property located at: Zur Alten Börse 1, 12681 Berlin. Why? Because we take back the city! This is our message to the city development, the party politics and the real estate investors: We are pissed of and we act ourselves now!

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Italian Social Center XM24 Supporters Face Down National Agenda to Close Self-Organized Spaces

The social centre XM24 was brutally evicted on 6th August 2019. You can find the original article on UnicornRiot here

Bologna, Italy – The autonomous public space XM24 in Bologna is one of the latest organizations to come under pressure from Italian authorities aiming to evict and disperse them. National politicians such as Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, a leader of the far-right Northern League (Lega Nord) and collaborationist municipal governments have cracked down on multi-purpose, autonomous social spaces across Italy.

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International Call to the Defense Camp and Festival of the Autonomous Factory Rog (Slovenia)

Dear comrades!
Factory Rog is a self-organized autonomous space in the centre of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Squatted since 2006, it’s been providing space fora variety of initiatives, collectives, ateliers, events and happeningranging from activism, lectures, concerts, sport activities, circus,performative arts, etc. In 2016 the city municipality of Ljubljanadecided to try evicting the occupants of the Factory, on the basis oftheir vision of an artistic-design space meant to make the city centermore attractive for investors.

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What’s wrong with marmalade?

This is a text from a collection of texts from the „Women* Squat Athens“ which was squatted in Athens in early 2016 by a changing group of women* from the Anarchist, Queer and Feminist Movement. The text considers the question of “what is political” within the context of squatting.

It may seem cliché, but, as a matter of fact, when we gather at the women space, we actually drink coffee and tea, and eat marmalade. This „women“ atmosphere – cling clang of the cups and spoons, little talks that disturbs the main conversation, laughs – has been critized by some comrades visiting the meeting. They acknowledged that it wasn‘t quite their cup of tea… The problem is that, most of the time, this problematic is not presented as a matter of taste: those critics underline that the atmosphere of our meetings is the sign of a political “unseriousness”. Read More