Solidarity against the City for the Rich

All those, who don‘t want to accept the sale-out of the city and whose parctice questions the right to private property, the state encounters with repression. This repression comes not only in form of police violence one is objected to during an eviction, which surely leaves its physical and psychological traces, but also in form of financial pressure by monetary penalties for the crime of trespassing. The attempt to build a city from below is thus stifled from the start.

Laws however, don‘t simply exist, but have the function to uphold a societal order. In this case, it is an order, in which the private property of individuals and firms is protected, no matter how rich they are, while others impoverisch and live homeless on the streets.

For us, occupations are a necessary means against the city of the rich. We will continue to occupy and call upon all of you, to join us, as long as it takes to establish a grassroots city from below!

To make this possible, no one targeted by repression shall be left alone, no matter what form it takes. Currently we are trying to get Stadt und Land (owner of the property) to drop the charge of trespassing against the 56 activists who squatted the Bornsdorferstr. 37B. For some of us, additional charges of „obstructing a police office“ (Widerstand gg. Beamte) and bodily harm (Körperverletzung) were filed by the cops. In solidarity, we want to collectively carry the cost for all affected inidviduals.

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